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Free Printable Easter Bunny Letters

Easter 2024

Free Printable Easter Bunny Letter

Can you imagine how your child’s face would light up if they were to receive a letter from the Easter Bunny!

Easter Day is on Sunday March 31st in 2024. Would someone you know love a personalised letter, just for them, written from the Easter Bunny? Yes!

Now you can create your own free printable letter from the Easter Bunny, personalised just for them with their age, where they live and finally, a very special, personal message to your child about an important achievement during the last year, or a special event.

Sample Easter Bunny letter from EasterBunnyLetters.co.uk

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Like letters from Santa, Easter Bunny Letters are becoming more and more popular. Have you seen the way a child’s eyes light up when they receive this special letter?

The personalised aspect is particularly important. They love knowing that the Easter Bunny knows their name and has written in his letter about their home, their school, and that he knows what is important to them.

Just fill in your child's details in the boxes below, and view your letter. If you want to change anything, click on the back button and make your changes. When you are happy with your letter just print it off!

Make Your Personalised Easter Bunny Letter Now!

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It is not only children who love to get a letter from the Easter Bunny! Adults love it too! As you can add your own personal touch to your Easter Bunny Letter, you could add a cheeky personalised message to the one you love.

Are you having trouble printing your Easter Bunny Letter? How to Print Your Easter Bunny Letter

Who Is The Easter Bunny?

As you know, the Easter Bunny is a rabbit character who brings gifts and Easter Eggs to children on Easter morning. Traditionally, like Santa Claus, he is unseen as he delivers his gift of Easter Eggs. Often he will hide the eggs, around the house or maybe around the garden, requiring the recipients to have an Easter egg hunt to find them.

So why do we represent Easter with a Bunny character? Rabbits have been regarded as fertility symbols since ancient times, and since they tend to produce litters in the spring around Easter time the two became connected.

Another popular Easter custom is that of colouring eggs. Many people will have boiled eggs to eat on Easter morning which are decorated or dyed. In Germany it is also common to decorate empty eggshells and hang them in trees on Easter Day. The precise origin of the custom of colouring eggs is not known, although it too is ancient; Greeks to this day typically dye their Easter eggs red, the colour of blood, in recognition of the renewal of life in spring. Some also use the colour green, in honour of the new foliage emerging winter.

We've also got loads of the Easter Bunny's Fun Easter Activities for you children to celebrate Easter too.

While eggs have been a symbol of Easter for many centuries, the giving of chocolate Easter eggs is a phenomenon that began in the 20th Century. As chocolate became more widely available, the practice of giving chocolate eggs became more common.

The next Easter Day is on March 31st 2024. Recieving an Easter Bunny Letter is a very special Easter treat for anyone.

A free personalised letter from the Easter Bunny that you can print at home.